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Anonymous asked: Which characters are those? I won't judge.

The only one who can judge me is Soul Society. Anyway, I try to remain neutral towards all characters on this blog so everyone can have a good time, even if it kills me on the inside. This is to avoid drama in my inbox too. Buuut, if you really want to know, I could tell you off-anon.

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Anonymous asked: is there a character in gintama that you hate?

I wouldn’t say ‘hate’. My hate is only meant for people who deserve it, like my psychics teacher from high school, that bald kid who gloatingly stole my gold-coloured pen, and to no one’s surprise: my neighbours. There are some characters I have come to dislike, but only because I feel like they don’t deserve to be as popular as they are, when there are MUCH better characters out there who are actually worthy of our love.

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There's Almost A 100% Chance You'll Forget Your Umbrella And Hate Yourself For It
Audio Highs

I love how this track manages to go from lighthearted silly wild sad uplifting romantic soothing → and then back to being lighthearted again. It perfectly catches the central theme of Gintama.

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People Who Are Picky About Food Are Picky About People, Too
Kamagata Eiichi
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Kagura meets Takasugi.

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Anonymous asked: Are they going to produce more of the anime?

There has been no confirmation or denial on this subject. They’re going to air a special episode in November. It’s likely that they could make the announcement of the anime’s return during the event. You’ll probably have to wait until 2015 if it does come back though.

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Anonymous asked: >Where are you from? NO! NOT THIS GUESS-GAME AGAIN *war flashbacks*

Same here, Anon. Same here. In fact, when I saw I got a new message after I answered that, I was afraid I triggered another Anonpocalypse. You really had me there for a sec.

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Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

The sixth level of hell. That’s just beneath level 5 (pineapple on pizza) and right above level 7 (sambal ice cream).

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